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2008, 2019

Acquired CE certification for YSR-03AM

August 20th, 2019|0 Comments

(주)영신알에프의 300W 출력 대의 Non-Screen type RF GENERATOR 모델인 YSR-03AM 모델이 CE 규격 인증을 획득 하였습니다. 앞으로 지속적인 제품의 품질 개선을 통해 다양한 국제인증규격을 획득하여 고객분들에게 신뢰감이 있는 제품으로 거듭나도록 하겠습니다.       [...]

2008, 2019

“Hi-Z HEAD” solves the heat problem of RF AP plasma source

August 20th, 2019|0 Comments

"Hi-Z HEAD", 대기압플라즈마 장치의 발열 문제 해결 (주)영신알에프에서 야심차게 개발한 대기압 플라즈마 장치인 "Hi-Z HEAD" 모델 시리즈에서는 그간 고질적으로 지적되어 왔던 RF 케이블 발열 문제를 임피던스 승압 기술을 통해 원천적으로 해소하게 되었습니다. RF 전원을 이용한 [...]

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Developed HIZ-SMSH Series

Introducing the world’s first atmospheric plasma source integrated with RF Matching Network. This product overcomes the limitations of conventional RF-based atmospheric pressure plasma source device configurations.

In particular, they are excellent for installing atmospheric plasma source equipment in roll-to-roll equipment. In addition, there is no RF cable length limitation, so it is very easy to remote control.

Be sure to check the Rack Type Multi-Control System for your HIZ-SMSH equipment.

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The AP plasma source integrated with RF Matching Network

(HIZ-SMSH Series)

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Launched YSR-01HD

The YSR-01HD model is an ideal RF generator for small to medium sized laboratories and industrial businesses. This model is an integrated model of RF Generator and Matching Network. It aims to be both mobile and economical.

Impedance can be controlled easily, including Full Digital Matching, and can be manufactured separately to suit your business purpose for various industrial applications.

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