About YOUNSGIN-RF Co., Ltd.

In spite of many difficulties in the basic material industry and the lack of related theoretical support, we have been striving for intensive investment and technology development since our foundation in 1989. 11 achievements, KT mark acquisition, and the 1996 Industrial Trade Minister’s Excellence Award.
We are leading the Korean RF Generator market by investing in the theory of technology, constant technology development, maintenance of foreign products, and continuous development.

In particular, we are improving productivity through modularization and standardization of parts, simplifying product maintenance and securing price competitiveness.
Our experienced R & D team, based on our extensive measurement equipment and extensive experience, strives to maximize the life of the equipment through continuous follow-up management under the motto of technology development for our customers.

By producing various types of RF generators from 100w to 10kw that are applied to laboratories and large-scale mass production lines, we have completed the development of high-value-added RF generators of 10kw and 20kw grades as the production line is enlarged.

Company History

  • 1989′ – Established to the YOUNGSIN-RF Co., Ltd.
    Developed to RF GENERATOR 300/600/1000W(BIPOLAR Type, 13.56MHz )
  • 1990′ – Developed to RF Generator 2KW (BIPOLAR Type, 13.56MHz)
  • 1992′ – Developed to RF GENERATOR 10KW(COMBI Type)
  • 1994′ – Developed to RF Generator 300/600/1000W(MOS FET Type, 13.56MHz)
  • 1996′ – Acquired the KT mark and the “Technology Innovation Award” at the Industrial Technology Competition in 1996.
  • 1997′ – Incorporated YOUNGSIN-RF Co., Ltd.
  • 1999′ – Developed to RF GENERATOR 20KW(MOS FET Type, 13.56MHz)
  • 2000′ – Developed to the PULSE ON/OFF Control Type
    and the module of High-power RF GENERATOR 10KW, 20KW
  • 2001′ – Acquired CE certification for  27.12MHz 1KW RF GENERATOR
  • 2003′ – Relocated YOUNG SIN Building (Seoul, Korea)
  • 2008′ – Developed to RF GENERATOR 1KW(40.68MHz)
  • 2009′ – Developed to RF GENERATOR/MATCHER 1KW(4MHz)
  • 2010′ – Developed to 2MHz RF GENERATOR/MATCHER 1KW(2MHz)
    and Upgraded to RF GENERATOR 3KW, 5KW
  • 2013′ – Developed to “Full Auto Matching Algorithm”
  • 2014′ – developed to 100W Integrated RF Generator Model(YSR-01HD) and Certified CE
    Line-up to the series of “Digital Matching Network”
  • 2015′ – Launched product of atmospheric pressure plasma source(Hi-Z HEAD)
  • 2016′ – Registered a patent for Hi-Z HEAD AP plasma source(Korea, China)
    and exported RF AP plasma Module SET to China
  • 2018′ – Exported RF AP plasma module SET to Japan


University & Laboratories

More than 200 domestic and international companies.