Welcome to YOUNGSIN-RF Co., Ltd.

  YOUNGSIN-RF Co., Ltd. is a company that makes dreams and makes the future. This dream is also a driving force for YOUNGSIN-RF. YOUNGSIN-RF is not a resident in reality, and when everyone thinks it is impossible, it is a strong organization with a strong will and pursues management that encourages it.

One of every customer is a noble partner with YOUNGSIN-RF. We promise to be with our customers forever in the ever-changing semiconductor market.

  YOUNGSIN-RF will supply products of superior international competitiveness with the best technology and develop into a global company based on high morality.

  It is the great pride and pride of YOUNGSIN-RF that made impossible. We will continue to create another semiconductor myth that transforms the world and opens the future with bold challenge and technological innovation.
We will show you only the RF plasma specialist YOUNGSIN-RF who is satisfied with the customer.

Thank you.


CEO Seo Young Chul